Tervis.com Website Review & Ratings + Tervis Coupons
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Tervis.com Website Review & Ratings + Tervis Coupons

Tervis is an online shop that specializes in designing and retailing customized insulated tumblers. The company’s brand name came from the last three letters of its two engineer inventors who created the first insulated tumbler in 1946, Frank Cotter and G. Howlett Davis. Tervis, a Florida-based American company, has been in the business for 65 years and still leads the competition. To date, Tervis operates ten company-owned retail locations: eight in Florida, two in South Carolina, one each in Missouri and Tennessee. 

Tervis’ easy-to-use and trouble-free website will surely make anyone’s online shopping very pleasurable. The great thing about its website is its simple design that gives potential customers a relatively easy time to explore the products and services it offers.

Tervis offers a wide variety of design options to their customers like university logos, animals, outdoor life and many more. In addition to its in-house designs, Tervis carries marquis licensing agreements with all four major American sports leagues namely the MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL. It also has tumbler designs for big companies like Ford, Coca-Cola, John Deere, Disney and Marvel. And another great thing about Tervis is that it also offers personalized tumblers. With this, customers can make their own tumbler designs.

Tervis tumblers come in four primary sizes: 10 ounce, 12 ounce, 16 ounce and 24 ounce. It also has 10-ounce wavy tumblers with ribbed-curly surfaces, 15-ounce mugs, 8-ounce clear-no-design tumblers and numerous accessories like handles, straws, shaker tops and lids.

Tervis’ products can also be bought through other online shops like eBay, Amazon and Nextag.

Tervis’ online catalog of products includes the following:



Products can also be filtered by design, popular choices are

Tervis: What makes it different?

Tervis boasts many significant qualities why it is the most preferred company in insulated tumblers.

Keep drinks and beverages Hot or Cold 

With air as its insulator between the two tumbler walls, it keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Another good thing is the reduced condensation on your tumbler that eliminates the moist resulting to more grip.

Lifetime Guarantee

Every Tervis tumbler is virtually indestructible. They won’t crack, melt, shatter, or chip and if they do, despite following the care instructions, Tervis will replace it with a new one for free.

Bisphenol-A (BPA) Free

Tervis products are BPA-free. This is because of Tervis’ commitment to deliver the highest quality, most durable and safest tumblers in the world.

Meltdown Resistant

Tervis Tumblers can bear the fire of 10,000 suns through a magnifying glass and 30 seconds in the microwave without any damage.

Dishwasher Shield

It does not matter if it’s your dishwasher or it’s you doing the dishes, Tervis tumblers are always safe in the suds.

65 years heritage in the insulated tumbler industry/ Made in USA

 Only original Tervis tumblers carry the Tervis name at the bottom of each drink ware.  Also, Tervis Tumblers are 100% Made in USA.

Quality Innovations

Tervis is a company founded on innovation. Right now, they are working on their customizer option to fully provide customer satisfaction on personalizing one’s tumbler.

Tervis vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Tervis)

Relatively, there are a number of key players in the insulated tumbler business. That being said, the list of noteworthy rivals of Tervis includes Cypress Home, Thermos, Tupperware and Boston Warehouse.

Cypress Home is an Evergreen Enterprises Inc. brand, which sells vast dinnerware products including insulated tumblers. The dreadful thing is they only sells tumblers to retail stores. The only way to avail their tumblers is to go through retail stores or check them at third party online retailers like Nextag or Amazon. Both Cypress Home and Tervis offer readymade tumblers but Cypress Home has only 64 designs.  Also, their tumbler sizes only come in 10 ounce, 20 ounce and 17 ounce. Lastly, their designs cannot be interchanged between sizes.

Another player is the Thermos brand. Tervis uses polymer as its major component while Thermos uses stainless steel with their tumblers. Both use vacuum as its insulation on their tumblers but only Thermos uses foam insulation on its mugs. However, Tervis is the only one that offers customized and personalized designs on their products.

Another competitor for Tervis is the Tupperware brand which is greatly known for its home products on food preparation and storage. They offer insulated tumblers but are limited to plain design and only come in a 24 ounce size.

Lastly, another Tervis rival is the Boston Warehouse Brand which offers kitchen products. One fine option for Boston Warehouse is their tumbler sets which may come in 2-piece and 4-piece. Its designs are very limited and its tumblers are not as versatile as Tervis.

Overall, only Tervis offers live online chat and the ability to personalize and customize tumbler designs. It offers a great selection of tumbler sizes and also has the upper hand in design interchangeability between sizes. They also offer free shipping on purchases above $75. 

Tervis: Pricing & packages

In the market, the price difference between rival shops spells the difference in the decision of a consumer. This is an integral part in any business. Since there’s a huge difference in design and selection in Tervis tumblers, clearly they have a lot to offer.

Tervis' Pricelist

Most prices depend on the design it bear, naturally tumblers with brands, university and sports team logo’s have the ceiling price in each size category

  • 10oz  tumblers     $11 – $16
  • Wavy tumblers     $11 – $16
  • 12oz tumblers      $11 – $16
  • 24oz tumblers      $11 – $16
  • 16oz tumblers      $11 – $16
  • 8oz tumbler (no design)     $4
  • Mug       $15 – $20
  • Handle      $6
  • Shaker Top     $8
  • Straw Lids     $3
  • Straw     $4
  • Travel Lids     $4
  • Food $ Drink Mixes     $8.50
  • Individual Bag     $3
  • Toys       $9.99
  • 8oz lids       $3

Rival tumbler prices

  • Boston Warehouse 16oz 4-piece set     $16.99
  • Boston Warehouse 24oz 4-piece set     $16.99
  • Boston Warehouse Clear 16oz 4-piece      $16.99
  • Thermos Insulated Tumblers      $22.99 and above
  • Tupperware Tumblers      $18.99 to $25

Boston Warehouse 4-piece set clearly is much cheaper compare to any brand, that is if you buy it per piece, but it will cost you the ability of designing and customizing your tumblers. In fairness to Tervis, it has a very competitive price given that you can do so much with its tumblers like designing, customizing, a lifetime guarantee and many more. 

Tervis: Product images & screenshots
Tervis Coupons
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Tervis: Customer reviews & comments

Customer satisfaction has been a legacy for Tervis. Tervis offers the best and guarantees drinking fulfillment in every tumbler they produce. Tervis’ lifetime guarantee is basically what every customer wants in their product.

Here are some of the overwhelming reviews from their happy customers.

Stays cold all day

I grew up in the town these were made and everybody had them. When I moved away I kept looking for a comparable product, and I couldn't find one. I can put ice in a drink in the morning and it will still be there in the afternoon. 
You can buy cheaper tumbler, but you can't buy a better one. They're virtually indestructible - and if you do break one send it to Tervis...

-          D. Farley  Portsmouth, Dominica (5 stars)

No more sweating glasses

These tumblers are truly wonderful! When filled with iced beverages during a hot Florida summer they simply do not sweat. No more table rings and no more watching the ice melt in five minutes. As a bonus, the manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee and they are dishwasher safe. What more can I say. I have used them for over twenty years and will continue to use them.

-Wayne Fogel, The villages, Florida (5 stars)

Outstanding products

I had some reservations about plastic glasses, but our floors are all tile, I've dropped and broken a dozen glasses in the past year or so, and I figured it can't hurt to try. 
These Tervis tumblers are outstanding to use even if breakage isn't a problem. They are heavy, high-quality plastic; they insulate literally for hours; they never sweat on my wooden surfaces; and they are very comfortable to hold. I was a little concerned that they would look tacky, as many plastic products do, but they are actually quite attractive. 

I am delighted with them in every respect. You can get glass for less, but this is definitely one case where you get what you pay for. A superior product, well worth the cost.

- A. Chestnut USA (5 stars)

Really Great Cups

These cups are exactly what they say they are. They keep cold beverages cold... for quite some time too. 
They're a good size, attractive and clean nicely. Well worth the money.

-Kevin Stanton, Pitsburgh (5 stars)


Our experience to date with these tumblers has been positive. They have survived the dishwasher test. Lower cost tumblers from a major retailer either leaked or warped in the dishwasher.

-          Richard McElroy, Rochester NY, USA (5 stars)

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